Products & Services

Muscle Bear Media provides a unique collection of masculine adult material for an adult only male audience.

The majority of our digital media products are available for prices between $10.00 and $15.00 per item.  Compilations are priced based on the individual items contained therein.  Custom and customized products are quoted on an individual basis.

All our digital material is available as Download to Own.  We provide this option rather than Pay-Per-View because we believe you have the right to own and keep a copy of your purchase.

Each film purchased is available for you to download and save for 7 days from the time you start your first download.  Each film has 3 copies of each version (example 1080 version and 720 version) available to download and save for the 7 days or for the total quantity of available downloads to be consumed.

Muscle Bear Media manufactured Jocks and T Shirts will be priced as they become available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


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