Musclebearporn uses a download-to-own system to provide our fans with a digital copy of their purchases which they own.

Most of the online porn options require customers to buy minutes or a streamed version which they can watch once or at best only a few times.  In the end, once the browser closes or a short period of time has passed, the customer has lost the ability to watch what they rightfully paid for.

The second option in the market is to buy and sell blu-ray and dvd.  Selling physcial media drives the cost of making and distributing films far higher.  And then there is the problem of having to wait for your purchase to come in the mail.

We have decided to give our fans what we think is a better option.  You buy a film and download it and its yours forever.  You can download the purchase almost immediately after you purchase a file.  You can download it later if you choose to wait.  But most importantly, you own what you downloaded.

Our downloads have no digital rights management restrictions.  You can burn the download to a dvd, you can put it on your ipad, tablet or smartphone.  You can watch it on your computer or stream it to your HD tv (if you have the right setup to do this).  Musclebearporn feels this is the better option!

Check our Store and browse through our collection of hot, muscle videos!

We sincerely hope you'll agree and find our system makes getting hot masculine porn simpler.

- Will & Liam